Our Purpose 
The Pardoe Sportsman’s Association is dedicated to the advancement of good sportsmanship and to the traditions of hunting and fishing, and the protection of our environment.

Improvements to the club grounds and facilities are an ongoing priority and we spend many hours adding new shooting and archery opportunities.

The Board of Directors meet at our clubhouse the second Monday of the month at 7 pm. The club meets at our clubhouse second Monday of the month at 7:30pm. Guest are welcomed to come join us and see the club and meet our friendly members. If, as a perspective member you would like to tour the club, please contact us and we'll find a member in good standing that can escort you over the grounds and let you try out our facilities.

Courtesy to other members:  Do not smoke, use offensive language or exhibit lewd behavior around other members.
Upcoming Events

Civilian Marksmanship Event
September 20th, 2014  10am - ?
Outdoor Range will be used
Must register by September 12, 2014
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NRA Basic Pistol Course
September 27, 2014  8am - 4:30p
Indoor Range will be used
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Action Pistol Shoot 3-Gun Match
September 7, 2014  9am - 3:00p
All Ranges will be closed for the event

NRA Defensive Pistol Course
September 28, 2014  12pm - 6:00p

Indoor Range will be used
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Action Pistol Shoot - First Sunday of every month. 

Shoot will use indoor range for the months of Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr. 
Shoot will use the outdoor range for the months of May-Jun-July-Aug-Sept-Oct-Nov

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Location: Sportsmen Road Pardoe, Pennsylvania
41°13'21.62" N  80°08'32.94" W Click Here